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Our Services

IT Support

We offer Remote IT Support services. Call us when you have a chellenge with your computer in the office or at home. We will sort your issue remotely or have our staff visit your location.

Preventive Maintenance

There is need to maintain your computer to prevent it from breaking down. Preventive maintenance will save you from computer damage and data loss, while avoiding repair and replacement.

Data Recovery

We understand the pain of losing your data. Data is one of the most critical assets of an organization/individual. Trust Dayvok Solutions to use latest technology to recover your data.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting traffic for your website is crucial to it's success, since it will attract more potential customers. We use a set of specialized tools to ensure your website ranks top.

Computer Networking & CCTV

No one does computer networking like we do. We have a team of experts who will serve you with Network Security in mind. Let Dayvok install your CCTV System. We understand the standards and protocols.

Computer Supplies & Repair

We supply desktop and laptop computers, and accessories. For large scale computer repair services across Kenya, contact us to get a quote. We repair individual machines too.

Website Design & Development

Through meticulous creativity and a little bit of artistic flare, we design your site so that casual visitors become paying customers. By designing your website with sales in mind, we are able to drive those potential customers to call and schedule a consultation, buy a product from your online store, or request your services.

Digital Marketing

The most appropriate digital marketing strategy yields drastic, measurable results. Start expanding your reach, magnifying your brand, and attracting new customers - both online and off - with the help of Dayvok's digital marketing services. Advertise via email or on social media; Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Business Consultancy

Take advantage of Dayvok's business consulting service. We'll start by defining your mission, vision, brand, and strategy to determine the direction and focus you'll need to grow. Easily decide which parts of your vision are realistic, which expectations need adjustment, and where you can stand to be a little more ambitious in your plans.